Readworks – A Great Tool to Boost Students’ Reading Skills


Most ESL students find it difficult to do reading comprehension tests. This is a task that requires a lot of practice and sometimes reading between the lines. To help them improve reading skills, I recommend using This was recommended by Graham Workman back in 2017 but for some reason I didn’t use it for a whole year. I think it is time to start now because my new class are finding it hard to to the tests and it might be a new way to help them improve and save me from marking tons of homework. Apart from that, we will be able to save a lot of trees by not printing everything on paper.

So, what does Readworks have to offer?

  • Both fiction and non-fiction texts with levels just right for the students.
  • A variety of topics, e.g. Social Studies, STEM, Literary Fiction, etc.
  • Digital classes – you can create different classes and assign texts.
  • Learning vocabulary in context.
  • Article-A-Day with all the articles for the week related to a topic.
  • Paired texts related to a similar topic.
  • Texts can also be used on a smartboard in class.
  • You can save interesting texts in Mylist and later assign them to the classes you have set up.

Recently I attended a webinar and here is the recording. It is a detailed description of what you can do with Readworks:

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