Technology in the Classroom

Recently I became interested in the use of technology in the classroom. My inspiration came from an Erasmus+ course for teachers in Southampton, the UK, in the summer of 2017 and a PD course in February 2018 organised by Corplus Foundation. I am really grateful to Graham Workman and Vladimira Teneva for showing me the enormous possibilities and for inspiring me to explore technogies for educational purposes. Here are some of my favourite tools:

Quizlet – learning tools and flashcards. You can find ready-made sets or create your own. Learning vocabulary can happn anywhere as long as you have installed the app. There are also tests and game to support the learners.

Kahoot! – learning games that can be played in a classroom either as a warm-up or as a way to determine what the students have remembered at the end of the lesson. There is feedback at the end of the game and we even have a Kahoot! champion.